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The History of WASEO

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WASEO was established on June 12, 1990 by Thorsten Helbing and Michael Probst who needed this label to send their selfprogrammed ATARI XL/XE homecomputer software to homecomputer magazines for publishing them this way. Both got already experience at programming with the XL/XE for some time so they could realize this plan now. The first cooperative project was the CO- & DECODIERER, a program for en- and decrytion of ASCII-texts. Michael Probst optimized the algorithm for it and wrote it first in Basic but later even in assembler so that this process lasted just a few seconds finally. They sent this program to the magazine HAPPY COMPUTER but never got any response. So Thorsten Helbing sent his FARB- TRICKFILMSTUDIO to the magazine publisher Rätz who even published it. From that, a very well working cooperation started, so that he even got the responsibility for creating the disk magazine DISK-LINE at the end of 1989. Another milestone in the history of WASEO was the 1991 created WASEO-PUBLISHER, a powerful but very user friendly DTP-program. Even here, Michael Probst had his part because he programmed the sector counter routine in assembler which was used when the program was loaded. With time passed, more WASEO disks were created which always contained three useful application programs including detailed manual and text brochure, up to now they are 6 and all are Public Domain now.

In 1998, with his experiences in the PC area Thorsten Helbing realized the possibility of creating Audio-CDs, and there another workfield for WASEO was opened. Just after a short time, the first CD with ATARI homecomputer music was finished. More followed time after time, and it will be continued in future.

At the end of 1998, WASEO became a more known name for the wider masses of people: The magazine PC-Welt published the "WASEO CD-inlet and CD-label-templates for Word for Windows" issue 11/98. This success will be a signal to WASEO to produce more freeware in future and to send them to PC-magazines.

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