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The ATARImagazin, published since 1987, was disontinued 1989 because of lacking user interest. To keep in contact with the ATARI fans, the publisher Rätz started his first issue of his disk magazine DISK-LINE. Different to other disk magazines was the focus on software, not the texts. All DISK-LINE subscribers should get the possibility to publish their self written programs or self created pictures for a free or to check out software from other authors. So every both-sided issue was a mixture of applications, graphics- and sound demos, games and other interesting software, including a detailed description and loading instructions (if necessary). The first issue was created by Ulf Petersen, the 2nd to 8th by KE-Soft and from the 9th by WASEO. From 1991, the DISK-LINE was even distributed together with a paper magazine. Finally with issue no. 66 in year 2002, it was discontinued and so it became one of the longst running disk mags ever.

Download of disks no. 1 - 66 in ATR-Format (ca. 8 MB)