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The ATARImagazin

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The first ATARI magazin, launched by publisher Rätz-Eberle (later just Rätz) was published in 3rd quarter of 1987 on the market and was the first with the only focus on ATARI home computers. All ATARI friends found lots of information in each full color issue, e. g. fair reports, tips and tricks, programming courses and listings, small adverisements, riddles, comics and competitions. Unfornately, it was disontinued at the end of 1989 because of huge reader loss.

The German renunification in 1990 created a turnaround and because of many home computer owners in eastern Germany, so many people were interested in ATARI that publisher Rätz relaunched the ATARImagazin, but only in b/w and as part of a subscription with disk magazine DISK-LINE and later PD-Mag. The following 7 years were successful and each year, 4 issues were published. But at the end of 1998, publisher Rätz wanted to stop because the magazine was not profitable any more. Fortunately, Sascha Röber, creator of the PD-Mag, overtook the magazine and united it with his magazine "New ATARI World" to "Next Generation ATARImagazin".

Thanks to the dedication of the new publisher, the ATARI fans were supplied with information for 4 more years, also the magazines DISK-LINE and PD-Mag were continued. Finally at the end of 2002, the last issue was published after more than half of the subscribers quit. The magazine could look back to a runtime of 14 years and probably all former readers will remember it to be a wonderful ATARI home computer information source.