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Cosmic Explorer

Cosmic Explorer little
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File size
Ca. 17 MB
Operating systems
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

Cosmic Explorer is a non-combat game of space exploration. You are a captain of SERO (Space Exploration & Research Organisation) and got the order to search for four certain artefacts which are located under a myriad of stars in a galaxy, each in one of the 4 sectors. For master that mission, you can use a spaceship for exploration, finding other interesting artefacts, accepting transport orders and making a bit profit by the way. You can use this profit to pay the fuel for your spaceship, upgrade your equipment or trade information to faster complete your mission. You can also find strange alien modules to expand the functionality of your ship. The more information you get, the smaller becomes the search area, and the mission will be completed when you find the 4 requested artefacts.
Other features:
  • Provides background sound
  • Supports sound effects
  • 600 star systems to explore
  • Random events
  • Trading
  • Detailed help file