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AddressEasiness 2.0 released - 2012-11-26 08:09:30

Finally we could finish the redesign of AddressEasiness, which can now contain unlimited addresses per person and is compatible with Windows Vista/7. For more information, click here.

Dear WASEO Friends, we are prod to present the first WASEO game! Cosmic Explorer is a non-combat game of space exploration. You are a captain of SERO (Space Exploration & Research Organisation) and got the order to search for a certain artefact which is located under a myriad of stars. For master that mission, you can use a spaceship for exploration, finding other interesting artefacts and making a bit profit by the way. You can use this profit to pay the fuel for your spaceship, upgrade your equipment or trade information to faster complete your mission. The more information you get, ...

Dear WASEO friends! The development of Diary Dominator has been stopped. It never left beta status because we used a third party xml component for storing data which was a beta version and hoped the developer would make it perfekt but he did not. So we created a new program called Diary Activity which presents a better "look and feel" and uses a real database for data management. For users of Diary Dominator, we provide a tool to import your old data files to Diary Activity. We hope you will enjoy our new freeware diary program! Your WASEO team.