Music: MOD CDs

Best of Mod

The Best of MOD

The great MOD-Hit-Collection with 20 of the best MOD-Songs!

Next Best of Mod

The Next Best of MOD

20 first class songs more for more fun with the great MOD-Songs!

Octalizer Mods

Octalizer MODs by Martin Spielmans

15 masterpieces of MOD-Musik, composed by Martin Spielmans!

More Next Best of Mod

More Next Best of MOD

The MOD series continues: 20 new and powerful MOD-Songs!

Sky-high Super Mod Songs

Sky-high Super MOD Songs

This CD contains only the best of the best first class MOD-Songs!

Most Romantic Mod Songs

The Best of Romantic MOD Songs

The best MOD-Songs for relaxing and dreaming!

Note: This is just an overview. We will soon provide more information. Stay connected!

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